Irish scientist on Oxford team says vaccine is 'promising' 1 month ago

Irish scientist on Oxford team says vaccine is 'promising'

"We're very excited to be able to contribute in this way."

The results from the Oxford vaccine trials are "promising", according to an Irish scientist working on the team that is helping to create a Covid-19 vaccine.


Professor Teresa Lambe said a major advantage of this vaccine in particular is that it can be stored at fridge temperature.

She said: "We, along with our partners AstraZeneca and other contributors from around the world, are committed to getting as many vaccine doses as we can.

"Having a dosing regime where we can in fact half the first dose is an advantage, so we're actually going to get more bang for our buck. So yes, we're very excited."

This comes after a Oxford confirmed that its Covid-19 vaccine is 70% effective, increasing to 90% after two doses.

After two dose regimens, the vaccine trials show that it could be 90% effective, based on trials conducted on 23,000 people.

Lambe, a Kildare woman, said that it normally takes up to 10 years for a vaccine to be created, but after a "manic" year that took "no safety risks", we are now very close to having a number of different vaccines available to the public.

"Everything so far is very promising. We've had no safety concerns that we're worried about."


She also spoke about the importance of a various vaccines producing successful results, explaining that one vaccine will not be enough to cover the entire world.

You can listen back to the conversation in full here.