Is there a deadly cat on the prowl in Down? 7 years ago

Is there a deadly cat on the prowl in Down?

Reports of large cat sightings and badly mutilated sheep are causing concern in County Down.

The silly season might be officially over so maybe we need to take reports of a big cat on the prowl in Down seriously.

The PSNI have issued a statement after a number of animals were violently attacked in the Hillsborough and Dromora areas of Co Down. However, while police are investigating, they are not confirming the existence of said beast, according to reports on UTV.

"Some local residents have also claimed to have seen a 'big cat' in the same general area over a similar period of time," a PSNI spokesperson said.

Farmers who have had animals injured in the area are being asked to report the incidents to the PSNI and a spokesperson added: "Under no circumstances should any wild or undomesticated animal be approached."


Pic credit: Google Maps