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16th May 2020

Italy announce the lifting of travel restrictions from June

Rudi Kinsella

Italy Covid

Lockdown measures are being eased in Italy.

Italy has announced that it will allow travel to and from the country from June onward, as it eases its coronavirus lockdown measures.

The Italian government has signed a decree that will allow travel from 3 June, after two months of lockdown.

Italy was one of the first countries to impose a nationwide lockdown after being so badly affected by coronavirus.

Over 31,600 Italians have died of Covid-19 since the outbreak came to light in February, the third-highest death toll in the world after the United States and the United Kingdom.

Shops in Italy are due to open on 18 May and the government decided that all movement within individual regions should be allowed that same day, meaning people will also be allowed to visit friends who live in the same area as them.

Places of worship, including Catholic churches, will also be open from that date, though people who attend will be told to social distance and wear face masks.

Restaurants across the country are also preparing to reopen, though a number of safety measures will be enforced.

This decision was made after it was confirmed that Italy’s infection rate has fallen over the past number of days.

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