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21st Jan 2024

This is why people keep getting sick in January

Kat O'Connor


There’s a reason why you’re picking up so many bugs at the moment.

Is anyone else getting sick over and over again at the moment? We’ve just gotten over one dose when another comes along and leaves us knocked for six.

There’s a reason why you keep getting sick during the winter time and it’s pretty simple.

If, like me, you’ve had a chest infection, something resembling COVID-19, and a cold all within a few weeks then don’t worry.

Your immune system is just under immense pressure because of the winter season.

A pharmacist opened up about why we’re always poorly in the winter and it’s because our immune system is weakened.

Pharmacist Navin Khosla explained to Metro that we’re more than likely to pick up colds and flu when our immune system is already recovering from something else.

“The main contributing factor in those instances is a weakened immune system,” Navin explained.

“Thankfully, the solution for most cases is fairly simple and mainly requires motivation – that and a change of habits to boost your immune system.”

The pharmacist has advised people to ensure they’re eating well, exercising regularly, and ensuring they don’t get burned out.

Managing both your stress levels and eating well can make a major difference when avoiding those seasonal illnesses.

Unfortunately, none of us have magic immune systems that prevent us from getting sick. There’s no doubt we’ll pick up something whether it’s a cold, flu, or chest infection.

According to the HSE, the three main things you can do to recover quickly are to stay hydrated, rest as much as possible, and medicate when needed.

Drinking herbal tea, avoiding processed foods, and practising good hand hygiene will also help.

(This article was originally published on and is republished here with permission.)

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