Jeremy Clarkson apparently turned down a return to Top Gear 6 years ago

Jeremy Clarkson apparently turned down a return to Top Gear

Well, well.

After being dropped from the show for his raging outburst over not getting his dinner, Jeremy Clarkson has revealed the BBC came crawling back with their tail between their legs asking him to rejoin the show last week.


The Sun claim that Clarkson said an unnamed BBC executive met with him and offered him his place on the show after the position had been given to Radio host Chris Evans.

Oh no they didn't.

hbo animated GIF

Well, why is he not coming back you ask?

Apparently the ex-host thinks "too much has gone on" since leaving the show and cited the Jimmy Saville comparison as the straw that broke the camel's back on a possible return to the show he had been a part of for 26 years.

The petrolhead also said it would be difficult to achieve the type of show he wanted to make and made his intentions known about launching a rival car show in the near gear animated GIF


It seems Top Gear fans will have to mourn the loss of the bombastic loud mouth and hope his new show is just as good if not better than his former glory haunt.

Can anything really beat Top Gear?

We can't wait to find out.

Hat-tip to The Sun and Clip via James Iles