Joe Biden takes narrow lead in Pennsylvania 3 months ago

Joe Biden takes narrow lead in Pennsylvania

It's looking like the win is beyond President Trump now.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has taken the lead in voting in Pennsylvania, putting him within striking distance of the 270 electoral votes that he needs to win the presidency.


The latest numbers to come out of Pennsylvania have put Biden in a narrow lead of 5,587 votes with 95% reported.

The numbers show Biden on 3,295,319 votes, and Donald Trump on 3,289,725, with around 150,000 votes left to count in the state.

Experts have said that if Biden can carry Pennsylvania, there are no pathways left for Trump to win the presidency.

Although, this is dependent on a potential Supreme Court case where Trump wants ballots which were postmarked on or before election day, but arrived in the three days after the election, to be struck out.

At the time of writing, these votes are being included in the results.

Over the past number of days, the Biden camp has said it was confident that they can hold Pennsylvania and insisted the momentum in the state has swung in their favour.

Biden also holds leads in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.


With this latest news, it's expected that some media organisations will begin to call the election in Biden's favour.

Neither AP or CNN have declared a winner at the time of writing.