JOE meets Irish swimming Olympian Gráinne Murphy 9 years ago

JOE meets Irish swimming Olympian Gráinne Murphy

Ever want to feel inadequate? Then just meet a real-life Olympian. That’ll do it.

To mark the release of Under Armour’s brand new performance footwear, JOE met up with Wexford native Gráinne Murphy, one of the product’s brand athletes, along with fellow sports stars Kevin McLaughlin and Liam Rushe.


These runners are clearly so good that even swimmers wear them. Must be something to do with the hydrodynamics...

We chatted with the young swimmer, one of Ireland’s future stars, about her experience at last year’s Olympics, her thoughts on the current state of the Irish swimming scene (pretty wet) and, most importantly, how long can she hold her breath.

Under Armour’s 2013 footwear range will be available in retail and online in Life Style Sports and for more information on the brand new product just head to