Labour Party says that Dublin Bus "must stop discriminating against UCD students" 4 years ago

Labour Party says that Dublin Bus "must stop discriminating against UCD students"

There are roughly 30,000 students in UCD.

Labour Transport spokesperson Kevin Humphreys has backed calls from the UCD Student Union for Dublin Bus to resume stopping at the college's main entrance on the N11 road.


Students have claimed that it is hard to get a bus at the university's main entrance past 10pm, thanks to previous incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Senator Humphreys said: "It is unacceptable to tar the entire student and staff community in UCD with the same brush and ignore their transport needs at night. This is both an equality and safety issue for students, and also drivers and their customers.

"I recognise that bus drivers must be respected and their right to decent and safe working conditions delivered on, but surely it is feasible to find solutions to ensure those getting on the bus do not engage in rowdy or anti-social behaviour, rather than leaving those who need the bus on the side of the road."

Humphreys further noted that students with disabilities are put at a particular disadvantage by this policy.


"I am calling on Dublin Bus to reverse their decision and resolve this. Surely it can see that in this day and age, such discrimination is simply unacceptable." Humphreys also called for the government to speed up action on the implementation of transport police."

UCD Student Union President Barry Murphy also spoke out on the decision to RTÉ's Morning Ireland programme on Wednesday morning, noting: "That’s the 145, the 39A and the 46A. We’re seeing significant upset with students who are waiting, studying in the library at the night and they’re coming out at 9pm, 10pm, 10.30pm to get a bus home only to have to wait for up to an hour and see several buses passing by and then they’re left with no alternative but to get a taxi home."

Other reports this week revealed that one-third of all Dublin Bus routes failed to meet their punctuality aims last year.

Dublin Bus has been contacted by JOE for comment.