Latest opinion poll sees Fianna Fáil take a big hit 2 weeks ago

Latest opinion poll sees Fianna Fáil take a big hit

Support for Fine Gael surged throughout the Covid-19 crisis and this has been maintained, according to the latest polling from the Business Post/Red C.

Released on Sunday Morning, the new poll shows that support for Fianna Fáil has taken another hit and has now dropped five percentage points to just 10%, far behind both Sinn Féin and Fine Gael.

It marks a dramatic fall for Fianna Fáil who hovered around the 22% mark during the general election earlier this year. 10% is also their lowest ever tally in a Red C poll.

Fine Gael remains unchanged from the last opinion poll as the most popular party at 35% while Sinn Féin also remains unchanged at 27%. But it is a gain for both parties from their general election performance with Fine Gael up 14% and Sinn Féin up 2.5%.

Meanwhile, Independents have seen a growth by three percentage points to 10%, matching Fianna Fáil.

While Labour (3%), Soc Dems (4%) and Solidarity-PBP (2%) saw no change and the Green Party (6%) remains steady.

Aontú and others come in at 2% and 1% respectively.