Liffey Cycle Route trial looks to be going ahead 1 year ago

Liffey Cycle Route trial looks to be going ahead

The Liffey Cycle Route, which is a fully segregated track along both the north and south quays, was first proposed in 2011.

A trial Liffey Cycle Route along the quays in Dublin has been officially proposed by Dublin City Council.


The trial has been proposed after it emerged that the permanent scheme that had been suggested will not be completed until 2024.

Dublin City Council has stated that "the proposed trial cycle route should be robust enough to remain in place until the permanent scheme is implemented."

The proposal states that cyclists should not be forced to share a track with pedestrians, and that the desirable width of the protected cycle lane is two metres, for an interim scheme an absolute minimum width of one metre is deemed acceptable.

Cycling group I Bike Dublin has welcomed the proposal of the trial, while also voicing some reservations.

The group said: "We recognise that the trial route is a temporary solution pending completion of the approved Liffey Cycle Route but we hope that the impacts of the trial will be measured before and during its implementation and that the findings will inform improvements to the final design of the route.

"Of particular concern here is the restricted width of the trial cycle lane which will be as low as one metre in places.

"We believe this is wholly inadequate for the volume of people who currently cycle and who will cycle this route once it has been implemented."


You can read the I Bike Dublin statement in full here: