How would you like to work with whiskey all day every day? 5 years ago

How would you like to work with whiskey all day every day?

This is definitely someone’s dream job.

Jameson have just reopened their distillery in Smithfield, Dublin, after an €11 million makeover and they’re now looking to hire brand ambassadors at the home of the famous Irish whiskey. So if you want to spend your days looking at whiskey, talking about whiskey and learning about whiskey, this is the job for you!


This is your chance to work for one of Ireland’s best-known brands at their newly renovated Jameson Distillery Bow St. We don’t know if there’s any free whiskey involved but it’s probably something you can ask at the interview.

If you are interested in applying for the role, there are a few requirements. Ambassadors will need to be “knowledgeable about all the whiskeys within the portfolio, specifically in relation to each brand’s history, tasting notes, key features and price.”

That’s the best excuse to drink whiskey for “research” purposes that we’ve ever heard.


Jameson’s Brand Home Ambassadors handle a variety of duties at the brand’s Smithfield home, whether it’s welcoming visitors to the centre, taking tours or working at the bar. With around 600,000 tourists passing through Irish whiskey visitor centres every year, you certainly won’t be bored.

The fixed-term positions will need to be filled by the end of March so don’t hang around if you’re thinking of applying.