End of 100ml liquids in hand luggage rule in sight as first UK airport makes call 6 months ago

End of 100ml liquids in hand luggage rule in sight as first UK airport makes call

Several airports across Ireland are set to follow suit in the coming months.

London City Airport has scrapped the 100ml liquid limit rule in hand luggage making it the first in the UK to make the change – and just in time for the Easter school holidays. Airports in Ireland will do likewise, in time, with Dublin Airport getting in 30 new machines, in line with the hand luggage rule changes.


The 100ml rule has been in place since 2006 in the UK. Instead of 100ml, the liquid limit will now be two litres in hand luggage. Yes, TWO LITRES.

The east London airport has been able to make the change thanks to a high-tech CT machines, similar to ones used in hospitals, which will replace scanners.

They are able to produce a high-resolution 3D scan of passengers’ bags, meaning staff can easily inspect them from all angles. These are the machines that will be in place in many Irish airports by 2024. In April 2022, a Dublin Airport spokesperson told us:

"We are currently working towards upgrading the technology within our security process that will allow us to remove this rule.

"This may take 12-18 months to complete, as Dublin Airport has 30 x-ray machines it will be a more complex process."


Travellers will also no longer have to place creams and cosmetic items in a plastic bag and laptops will no longer need to be removed to be examined separately.

London City Airport chief executive Robert Sinclair said the change would help speed queues along at security from the end of this month.

“The new lanes will not only cut hassle but also queuing times, which I know passengers will love.”

In December, the government announced a deadline of June 2024 to get the new technology set up.


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