Lotto winner plans to pay off her mortgage after surprise win 5 months ago

Lotto winner plans to pay off her mortgage after surprise win

Any chance of a loan?

A woman who won €250,000 in last Saturday's Lotto draw has said that she is going to use the money to pay off her mortgage.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Lidl store in Glenageary, Dublin on the day of the draw on Saturday, 5 January.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, collected her prize on Friday.

"It was definitely the most inspired impulse purchase I have ever made," laughed the delighted Dublin woman at the National Lottery headquarters.

"Only the day before, I had a conversation with my family about the lucky couple in Armagh who won the incredible €129 million EuroMillions jackpot so I guess you could say that I was feeling lucky.

"I had just finished paying for my groceries at the till and I told the cashier to print me off a Lotto ticket but I never in a million years expected to win this much," she said.

So what else is she going to spend it on, after she pays off her mortgage?

"I’ve had a couple of days to calm down and process the win so I’m going to be sensible and pay off my mortgage and other bills and if I have any money left over after that, I’m going to upgrade my car to a brand new 191 model," she said.