Louis Walsh proposes unconventional idea to choose Ryan Tubridy replacement 6 months ago

Louis Walsh proposes unconventional idea to choose Ryan Tubridy replacement

He also had some interesting advice for Ryan Tubridy.

In the wake of the news that Ryan Tubridy will not be returning to RTÉ anytime soon to jump back into his radio show, his seat remains empty.


With that spectacle now behind us, speculation over who is going to fill his seat will undoubtedly come to the fore over the next few weeks, and Louis Walsh has a particularly out of leftfield idea to find a suiter - a reality show.

"RTÉ should think outside the box and not start looking at the usual faces that we all know," Walsh told the Sunday World.

"There must be loads of new people out there on regional radio that are making a name for themselves and now is the time to give them a job on national radio. That’s the way to find somebody bright, fresh and new.

"They should do a reality TV show and let the public pick somebody. In the meantime, they could fill the slot with a temporary replacement for Tubs."


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RTÉ needs an overhaul, says Louis Walsh.

The music manager said that he has long been calling for an overhaul to the RTÉ, saying staff are walking around "like robots".


"It’s like a boring old institution," he said. "It’s tired and it needs new energy, it needs new people. I used to love going out there because it was always fun. Now whenever I go out I see people walking around like robots. Nobody seems to love their job anymore.”

Walsh also weighed in on his thoughts about new RTÉ Director General Kevin Bakhurst, saying that he found him "direct and honest"

Speaking on Tubridy himself, Walsh revealed that the last time he met the presenter he advised him to make a move overseas.

“The last time I met him at the Late Late Show he looked weary. I said to him, ‘Why don’t you go to America?’ He said, ‘I’m going to do something, I’m 50 soon.’”


With Tubridy and RTÉ now detached for the foreseeable future, it's likely the presenter will look elsewhere for opportunities, with a possibility of overseas work an option.

"He would definitely get work on one of the channels there," Louis said about the possibility of a career switch to the USA.

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