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06th Jul 2023

Marty Morrissey revealed as RTÉ employee who had ‘on loan’ car for 5 years

Rory Fleming

Marty Morrissey

The presenter has since apologised for the oversight.

RTÉ sports presenter Marty Morrissey has issued an apology for an “error of judgement” in relation to an “ad hoc” arrangement with Renault which saw him have use of a car for a period of five years.

The news that an employee at the State broadcaster had held an ‘on loan’ car for up to five years broke yesterday following an extensive day of questioning of RTÉ officials by the Oireachtas Media Committee.

It has now emerged that Marty Morrissey was that employee, with RTÉ’s Gaelic Games Correspondent confirming the news in a statement this afternoon.

In the statement, the 64-year-old said that he was asked to host a number of events in 2017 for Renault across the country and that he had sought RTÉ permission at the time do to so, which was granted.

Morrissey has this afternoon issued an apology. (Credit: Sportsfile)

Marty Morrissey issues apology.

“I did not seek a fee of this engagement,” Morrissey said, before adding that as he did not seek a fee. However Renault did offer him the use of the car instead.

“I accepted this offer,” he said,” adding that “the situation carried over informally for a number of years”.

The presenter went on to state that he had returned the car on his accord on Friday the 23rd of June, the day after news of undisclosed payments made to co-worker Ryan Tubridy broke.

“Since the recent controversy within RTÉ arose, I reflected on this matter. I concluded that it had been an error of judgment on my part to accept the use of the car. I returned it voluntarily to Renault on Friday 23rd June”, Morrissey reflected.

The veteran GAA presenter concluded his statement with an apology which read;

“I have apologised to RTÉ, my managers and colleagues for any embarrassment or difficulty I have caused them because of this matter. I also apologise to any of our viewers and listeners who may feel let down by my actions. It was never my intention to let anyone down, least of all myself”.

“I have assured RTÉ that I remain ready to assist, and rectify, any issues which may arise from this matter”.

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