You may need to bring an umbrella with you tomorrow 10 months ago

You may need to bring an umbrella with you tomorrow

Well... shit.

Your weekend is about to come crashing to an end. You've to stop hugging your pillow and getting flashbacks of the horrors of Saturday night. And finally... you have to get ready for Monday.

On the weather front, it's a rather mixed bag.

It's promised to be somewhat milder for the opening half of the week, but this will change come Wednesday, when temperatures take a dip.

On Monday, it will be generally cloudy and misty, with just a few bright spells during the day. There will be some rain and drizzle about, with it being scattered at first before coming more widespread in the afternoon.


But it will be very mild with temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees, which is extremely mild for this time of year.

Tuesday will be of a similar vein, mild temperatures with rain in many places turning heavy in Munster and Leinster overnight.

It will change on Wednesday as temperatures dip, with further cloudy, misty weather, with some further heavy rain in places, especially over eastern and southern areas. It will be cold in the west and north of the country.

Wednesday night will see temperatures dropping to minus one in some places causing some icy roads in some areas.