Met Éireann state that temperatures are set to hit 26 degrees in parts of Ireland on Tuesday 4 months ago

Met Éireann state that temperatures are set to hit 26 degrees in parts of Ireland on Tuesday

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Given the recent spells of warm temperature and humidity in parts of Ireland, it's inevitable that these conditions coincide with periods of heavy rainfall.

Today has been sweltering for some and it appears that Tuesday is going to be another day where the mercury rises because temperatures of 26 degrees are being predicted for parts of Ireland.

With regards to the more immediate weather conditions, Monday night is set to be dry and humid for the majority of the country. However, patches of mist and drizzle could develop on the western and southern coasts.

As for Tuesday, it's set to be another warm and dry day. After a cloudy start, sunshine will develop widely through the afternoon, especially in the east and north of the country.

Other parts of Ireland are expected to be cloudier with some patches of mist lingering on southern and southeastern coasts.

Thankfully, temperatures of 20 to 26 degrees are being forecasted by Met Éireann.

Sadly, the high temperatures are set to end on Tuesday with adverse conditions expected throughout the rest of the week.

Showers will spread up from the southeast on Tuesday night, bringing the threat of a few thundery downpours in the east and north. Meanwhile, outbreaks of rain are expected to push in off the Atlantic, impacting the southwest and west.

While Wednesday will start with occasionally bright and sunny conditions, showery outbreaks of rain look likely to spread up over the country from the south by Wednesday night.

Thursday looks set to be a rainy day also with potentially heavy downpours over the western half of the country, bringing a risk of spot flooding.

As for Friday, the conditions are expected to be erratic with sunny spells and scattered showers throughout.

All in all, enjoy get out and enjoy the heat on Tuesday while you can.