Met Éireann's forecast for the week is very, very chilly 2 months ago

Met Éireann's forecast for the week is very, very chilly


While the majority of the country has just been released from an ice and low temperature weather warning, that doesn't mean things are taking a turn for the much sunnier.

In fact, Met Éireann's forecast for the coming week shows that the majority of the evenings and nights will see temperatures remain below freezing.

Starting off with tonight (Sunday 19 January), temperatures will once again be dropping to -2 in places, with sharp frost and fog patches expecting to develop, especially in the south and east of the country.

Monday day will be generally bright and fresh, but once again, the south and east of the country should expect temperatures to drop to as low as -2, with more frost and fog anticipated.

Tuesday will bring some cloud cover, as well as some light rain, so temperatures will be slightly warmer both during the day and that night, but will once again drop to about 0 or 1 degrees in places.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all expected to be slightly colder again, with sharp frosts expected where there is no cloud cover.

So make sure you stay wrapped up warm this week!