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The background music gives this footage something of a Doomsday vibe.

Footage from a YouTube account that regularly posts footage from Korean Central Television appears to show the most recent ballistic missile launched by North Korea earlier this week.

After Korean Central TV released photos on Thursday of the launch of the missile on Wednesday, footage of what is described as the missile launch appeared on rodrigorojo1’s YouTube channel.

The footage shows the missile being prepared for launch and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un being present to watch it, with the missile reportedly travelling a distance of over 590 miles and reaching an altitude of 2,780 miles before “making an accurate landing” in the Sea of Japan, according to Korean Central TV.

Clip via YouTube/Korean Central TV via Storyful

In response to the missile launch, reports suggest South Korea’s Ministry for National Defence launched three missiles in a “precision strike” test, while the United Nations Security Council also held a meeting urging Security Council members to unite in preventing an escalation.

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