How we drive on the motorway could be about to change forever 6 years ago

How we drive on the motorway could be about to change forever

Slow it down.

The motorway is an absolute joy for drivers and whether you're driving to Dublin, Cork or Belfast, there's a grand stretch of road that will have you at your destination in no time.


It is so popular among us Irish drivers, that we even want an All-Ireland motorway network.

That really is the dream, imagine a motorway that connected Mayo to Galway? You'd be only in the car and you'd be getting out of it again.

Sadly, this motorway announcement is not about our dream road but instead, concerns the way in which we drive on it.

According to the Irish Times, the speed limit on the motorway is to be reduced down from 120 kilometres per hour to 110 kilometres per hour.


The proposal of the speed decrease is part of the Government's climate action plan which was published on Wednesday.

Different ways in which the impact of climate change can be reduced in Ireland will be discussed on Wednesday at a day-long cabinet meeting in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has always had strong views on matters such as climate change and the plan will outline what sort of distance Ireland is away from their emissions reduction target.

As more policies on climate change are implemented, these distances to target will change.