Musical comedy duo The 2 Johnnies announce live podcast show in Dublin 4 years ago

Musical comedy duo The 2 Johnnies announce live podcast show in Dublin

This looks like a great night...

We're spoiled for choice at the moment with the level of comedy sketches in Ireland, so it's a pretty big achievement when one group raises their head above the rest and create the level of interest that The 2 Johnnies have.


Their loyal social media following has increased year on year and they've now over 160,000 followers on Facebook, 90,000 followers in Instagram and 80,000 followers Snapchat

They diverged into podcasting and it's been a similar success for the duo of Johnny B O’Brien and Johnny 'Smacks' McMahon.

Bringing all the anarchy, messing around and antics of the podcast to the live stage for the very first time, The 2 Johnnies will host a show at the Sugar Club in Dublin on Thursday 27 September.

It promises to be a great night of entertainment for all who go along.


The fellas recently released what we think will be the song of the summer titled 'Summer Tune', which has gone straight in at number two on the Irish iTunes Charts.

The song addresses farmer tans, the weeks of freedom following the Leaving Cert, Wexford strawberries, a trip to Electric Picnic as well as an obligatory reference to Italia 90. And to make it the most Irish song of all time, they reference the the grand stretch in the evenings.

The 27 September should be serious craic...