New poll suggests that Fine Gael support is at record low 1 year ago

New poll suggests that Fine Gael support is at record low

It also suggests that Sinn Féin remains the most popular party in the country.

The level of support for Fine Gael has reached a record low, according to the results of a new poll.


In the Business Post's Red C poll for September, the party recorded a support level of 18% - a drop of one point since the previous poll from the paper in June.

The outlet states that this is Fine Gael's "worst ever result" in the poll series since it commenced in 2005.

Also, in the latest Red C poll, Fianna Fáil saw a rise by three points to 17%, while the Greens were up one point to 5%

However, Sinn Féin remained way ahead as the most popular party in the country at 35%, despite a drop of one point.


A separate Behaviour & Attitudes poll from the Sunday Times conducted between the end of August and the start of September showed similar results.

Again, Sinn Féin was found to be the most popular party, even though it fell by one point to 35% since July.

This was as Fianna Fáil increased by three points to 24% and Fine Gael dropped a point to 20%.

The Green Party's popularity stayed the same at 5%.