Nights out in town set to change because new laws to regulate rickshaws are coming 5 months ago

Nights out in town set to change because new laws to regulate rickshaws are coming

Big news for people that get rickshaws.

The Government has agreed to new measures that will see a ban on motorised rickshaws while licences for slower, non-motorised rickshaws will also be mandatory.

As stated previously, this legislation has been brewing for some time and the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, presented his final proposals to the Cabinet earlier today.

Increasing road safety concerns and other security issues - mainly regarding the registration and vetting process of drivers - have prompted the introduction of these new rules.

The main concerns revolve around the issues of dangerous driving, illegal movements in pedestrian zones, a lack of regulations and fears about public safety.

With regards to the use of motorised rickshaws, these new rules will grant Gardaí the authority to remove a vehicle for further examination.

As for pedal rickshaws, all vehicles will have to be insured while a registration and vetting process for drivers will also be introduced.

Minister Ross said in a statement: "The Government has today approved my proposals to amend the Taxi Regulation Act 2013. These new measures will ensure that rickshaw drivers and vehicles are vetted and registered and I am confident that this will significantly improve safety for passengers and for all road users.

He added: "The new approach will also enhance customer experience and help improve the ambiance in our city centres, bringing further benefits for tourism and local businesses."

A recent National Transport Authority survey discovered that 57% of rickshaw passengers have reported that they were involved in accidents or near misses. The NTA said "this is a shocking statistic."

At present, it's estimated that there are around 1,000 rickshaws in operation in Dublin.