Way more flights from Ireland to the US and Canada will soon be available for €129 2 years ago

Way more flights from Ireland to the US and Canada will soon be available for €129

The word "game-changer" gets thrown about an awful lot these days...

But Norwegian Air genuinely are changing Ireland's relationship with North America by offering transatlantic flights at extremely competitive rates.


On Friday morning, the airline announced that they would be running 37% more weekly departures to the USA and Canada as part of their 2019 summer schedule.

Specifically, there will now be a daily service from Dublin to Providence-Boston, starting from March 31, 2019. Flights from Dublin to New York's Stewart Airport will continue to run twice daily.

Those flying out of Shannon will also benefit, as the airline has announced plans to increase weekly flights from Shannon to New York from three to five. There will still be four flights per week from Shannon to Providence-Boston.

Norwegian Air has also announced a new route, that will take Irish passengers to and from Hamilton, a Canadian city which neighbours Toronto.

This daily service will also commence on 31 March 2019 and will mark the first direct flight between Hamilton and Dublin. Lowest fares will begin at €189.

Though the new schedule will not come into operation until next spring, flights are now available to book.


Norwegian Air also currently brings Irish passengers to many European cities, including Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki.