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16th Jul 2016

It’s official: Ireland doesn’t have enough TDs

Carl Kinsella

It might surprise you to learn that, contrary to popular belief, Ireland does not need fewer TDs…

In fact, it needs more. The Central Statistics Office released the preliminary results of April’s Census this week, and it seems as though many parts of Ireland are underserved in terms of political representation.

Ireland’s Constitution states that there must be one TD for every 30,000 people in a constituency – which is currently not the case in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Cavan-Monaghan, Kildare and Laois.

The preliminary Census results put the population at 4,757,976, meaning that there needs to be at least one seat added to the Dáil in order to redress the balance.

According to the Independent, Housing and Local Planning Minister Simon Coveney yesterday established a Constituency Commission with a view to addressing the problem by studying Ireland’s constituency boundaries.

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