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12th Aug 2015

Over 7,000 people are going to a massive pillow-fight in Phoenix Park next month

Fight fight fight

Carl Kinsella

Don’t be a soft lad.

Or do. This is probably the only kind of fight where softness is completely appropriate, if not entirely preferable.

Somebody has set up a Facebook event page for a gigantic pillow fight, scheduled to take place in Dublin’s Phoenix Park on Saturday September 26.

At the moment, there are almost eight-thousand attendees on the Facebook page.

pillow fight 2

The event is completely free, and its aim is to let people blow off some steam while hitting other participants with pillows. The exact location within the park has not yet been announced, but once it is, you can find out here.

The event does not allow for scroungers, and is strictly BYOP (bring your own pillow), which is probably for the best.

While the Facebook page does not specify the level of competitiveness that will be permitted during the pillow fight, we were thinking we might try something like this.

pillow fight man