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30th Nov 2021

Over half of Irish people expect a lockdown between now and Christmas

Hugh Carr

4,607 new cases of Covid were confirmed on Monday.

A recent survey shows that over half of Irish people are expecting a lockdown between now and Christmas.

In a survey conducted for viewers of Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ1, 52% of participants expect the country to enter a lockdown in the coming weeks, with 13% of participants unsure.

In relation to the Government response to Covid this month, 59% of survey participants felt as though the response to new changes was too slow, with 34% believing they acted at the right speed.

Concern about the new Omicron variant was also surveyed, with 46% of participants ranking their worry between 4-7 on a scale of 10, and 30% rating it at 8 or higher.

More than half of all participants are expecting to change their Christmas plans due to the rise in Covid cases in the country.

The Government is set to consider NPHET’s recommendations following a study conducted by their epidemiological surveillance team.

Parents are to be advised against Christmas plays, play dates, birthday parties and other gatherings for young children, in what has been described as a type of “circuit-breaker”.

A decision on whether children will begin wearing masks in schools is set to be decided on Tuesday (30 November)

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has advised that children stay away from major events such as pantomimes as well.

“For those who are involved it is absolutely heartbreaking,” he said.

“Not only are they dealing with all of those cancellations, they have been through what will undoubtedly have been the most horrible year-and-a-half of their professional careers. It is absolutely heartbreaking and Government will definitely looking at any supports that are available, obviously.

“However, I think everyone would appreciate that we have to act in the common good; we have to act and keep people safe… the NPHET advice is there for one reason and it’s to keep children safe.”

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