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28th Jun 2024

People left shocked as ‘ripoff’ Glastonbury food prices are revealed

Charlie Herbert

Who knew a toastie could be so pricey?

Glastonbury 2024 is underway and tens of thousands of people have descended on Worthy Farm for another year.

One of the biggest music events in the world, this year’s festival will be headlined by Dua Lipa, Coldplay and SZA, with Shania Twain taking on the iconic Sunday afternoon legends slot.

Whilst Glastonbury is famous for its music, activities and championing of the arts, there’s one thing it isn’t known for – being cheap.

This has been proven once again this year with the reveal of the food and drink prices at vendors across the festival site.

There are 300 food vendors and more than 100 bars at Glastonbury festival, but not many will give you budget prices, with some branding them a “rip off.”

The Liverpool Echo has collated the general price ranges of some classic festival food, and they make for some eye-watering reading.

According to the publication, the prices are as follows:

  • Fries: £4 – £7
  • Loaded fries with various toppings: £7 – £9
  • Burgers: £10 – £11
  • Burger and chips: £10 – £14
  • Burritos: £9.50 – £12
  • Nachos: £9
  • Loaded nachos: £11 – £13
  • Chilli and rice: £6 – £10
  • Toasties: £8.50 – £11

It must be some pretty insane cheese and bread being used for the toasties for them to cost more than a tenner…

Reacting on social media, one person wrote: “Was listening to some clown on radio this morning who has got a food and refreshment stall at Glastonbury. He seems to think £9.50 is fair price for a cheese toastie. What a f***ing rip off!”

Someone else said: “It’s the ultimate convenience food. It’s either that or bring all your own food or miss half the festival while you nipp into Glastonbury Tesco’s.”

As mentioned, you can take your own food and drink into the festival, but it’s very much a case of how much you’re willing to carry.

According to the festival website also states that amounts deemed to be beyond what one person would need will be “confiscated” at the gates.

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