Parking charges to be considered for Dublin's Phoenix Park 5 months ago

Parking charges to be considered for Dublin's Phoenix Park

By Fiona Frawley.

The Office of Public Works have announced a public consultation to consider a new parking strategy for Phoenix Park.


A consultation process, which is seeking the views of people on the future of parking in the Phoenix Park begins today and will last for five weeks.

Parking charges and a multi-storey carpark at Dublin Zoo are among the changes being considered.

The current legislation has been in place since 1925, and parking is currently free in the Phoenix Park, primarily due to restrictions associated with this Act.


The Draft Parking Strategy sets out to consider both bicycle and car parking in the Phoenix Park, as well as potential impacts on the immediate surrounding area.

According to the OPW, over 60 per cent of respondents so far have said they could be persuaded to drive less or use another mode of travel to access the Phoenix Park.

An initial public survey which received some 5,000 responses also showed that half of respondents had travelled on foot and almost one-third by bicycle for their most recent journey to the Park.

The Strategy is in line with Government policy to reduce transport-related carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2030, focussing on sustainability, active travel, reduced emissions and accessibility.


With accessibility considered, the proposal would see 5 per cent of parking provisions made suitable for those with disabilities and a further 5 per cent designated for the active aged. The strategy has also acknowledged that to make the Park inclusive for all visitors, some visitors will need parking provision.

Announcing the launch of the public consultation, Minister of State for the OPW, Patrick O’Donovan, TD said:

“The Phoenix Park is a national amenity much loved both by people in and outside Dublin. The Draft Parking Strategy seeks to protect and conserve the Phoenix Park, while enabling appropriate access and use by Dubliners and visitors from further away. I would encourage all interested parties, both from the local community and those further afield, to read the Draft Parking Strategy and respond to the public consultation survey over the next five weeks.”

More information on the Strategy is available via the Phoenix Park website.


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