PIC: Donald Trump shares bizarre meme of him "eclipsing" Barack Obama 4 years ago

PIC: Donald Trump shares bizarre meme of him "eclipsing" Barack Obama

This is the President of the US...

While the solar eclipse is now a mere memory on Monday, it seems it's living on in Donald Trump's mind over the last couple of days.


Not surprising given that he may still be seeing stars after looking directly at the Sun on Monday evening not once, not twice, but three times.

But thankfully, there hasn't been reports of any lasting injuries from the incident on Monday but it's still clearly a moment Trump won't forget, judging by his choice of retweets.

On Thursday, Trump retweeted a meme of "the best eclipse ever," featuring a montage of four photos that show Trump blocking out former US President Barack Obama.


The meme was share by YouTube personality Jerry Travone, who reportedly shared an anti-semitic tweet last weekend.

Trump retweeted the above meme after he tweeted to say a legislative "mess" could have been avoided if Republican leaders had listened to him and tied debt ceiling legislation to a veterans affairs bill.


Meme's such as these have been doing the rounds over the past number of days with many of them being shared widely on social channels.