PIC: GPO illuminated in protest against Papal visit 4 years ago

PIC: GPO illuminated in protest against Papal visit

A powerful image.

Pope Francis is due to arrive in Dublin Airport in a number of hours.


A number of people in Ireland feel that the head of Catholic Church is not welcome in the country following the scandals that are now synonymous with the organisation.

Tonight saw the GPO illuminated with the words "love", "truth", "justice" and "Stand4Truth".



Credit to Stand4Truth and GeoPop for the images. 

People have been openly voicing their displeasure at the Papal visit, with a protest event being organised for Sunday. The hashtag #Stand4Truth is the title of the event at the weekend, as well as being one of the things illuminated on the GPO on Friday night.


Sunday's event kicks off at 2.30pm on Sunday 26 August at the Garden of Remembrance.

It is set to take place on the same day that the Pope will say mass in Phoenix Park – and aims to stand with survivors of clerical abuse and institutionalisation as well as boycott the Papal mass itself.

Hozier, one of Ireland's leading musicians, will be performing at the event.