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06th Feb 2014

Pic: How many Dublin streets can you name in this emoji-quiz?

We won’t lie, a few of them left us stumped.

Conor Heneghan

We won’t lie, a few of them left us stumped.

Dubliners, how well do you know your city and how au fait are you with emoticons, which are fast replacing the use of actual words in text messages, e-mails, whatsapp conversations etc. and will soon ensure that the English language is little but a series of smiley faces, winking faces and love hearts.

If you think you score well on both counts, then you’ll want to have a stab at a quiz set forth by Eoin Darby of, who has translated the name of 20 Dublin streets into emoticon language in order to test one’s geographical knowledge as well as their ability to decipher the emoticon-code we referenced above.

Some of them are easier than others and although we have included all of the answers if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, see how many you can get before succumbing to the urge to find out.










  1. Wood Quay
  2. Dorset street
  3. Fishamble street
  4. Mount Joy Square
  5. Pearse street
  6. Poolbeg street
  7. Bachelors walk
  8. D’Olier street
  9. Hatch street
  10. Parkgate street
  11. Townsend street
  12. Wellington Quay
  13. Henry street
  14. Barrow street
  15. Anglesea road
  16. Cows lane
  17. Blackhall Place
  18. Bolton Street
  19. Shelbourne Road
  20. Wolfe Tone street


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