PIC: Thailand University apologises for Hitler superhero banner 10 years ago

PIC: Thailand University apologises for Hitler superhero banner

One Thai university made a bit of a nasty Nazi mistake when they recently included a picture of Adolf Hitler on a mural depicting world-famous superheroes.

According to a story in the LA Times, Chulalongkorn University placed the huge banner outside its art school without its “ignorant students” realising that a mural of Hitler with his arm raised in a Nazi salute would offend anyone. "It is only one clenched fist away from a Superman pose after all" said no one ever.


The students had included the tyrannical leader to highlight the fact that good and bad people co-exist in the world, but it probably didn't help that the graduating students were then photographed imitating the Nazi leader's salute, as opposed to pretending to Hulk out or wearing an imitation rubber Batman outfit.

Both much better options we're sure you'll agree.

Supposedly, the study of history in the Thai education system revolves mainly around the history of Thailand itself, with little focus on world history and events like the Holocaust.



The evil, evil man's image was up on the ‘Superhero’ mural beside Batman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America for a full two days before being removed following a number of Führer-ious complaints.

Must Thai harder folks:

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