PIC: This guy became a media hero for celebrating a stag do ALONE after his friends flights got cancelled 6 years ago

PIC: This guy became a media hero for celebrating a stag do ALONE after his friends flights got cancelled

Home Alone 6

In a scenario that seems awful like something out of a Home Alone movie, this McCauley Culkin charachter Robert Chernow ended up in Chicago all alone when all his friends were on another flight that got cancelled.


Even worse Robert was supposed to be on a stag with his buddy Jake who was getting married. Jake was on the flight that got cancelled with the rest of the entourage so Robert took it upon himself to document his time in Chicago on Instagram with the hashtag #chicagoforone

It didn't take long for his dead pan humour and hilarious situation to reach the media and soon Robert was being described on news sites as "a less bad ass Will Smith" as his adventure unfolded on Instagram through a series of dreadfully depressing looking photos.

Robert started off fairly optimistic about the whole thing, looking forward to a Chicago Bears game, but soon realised friends are a fairly necessary accessory for a trip to an unknown city for fun and frolics.


The boat ride was spacious, if not a little empty as Robert checked out the local site seeing.


Strolling down the Navy Pier turned out to be a solitary business without his buddies to take on the Merry-go-round with him and in his current condition, we think he was fair to un-merry to be allowed on the ride, one look at him and there would be kids crying.

Back on the boat, Robert reminisces about meeting a lady who referred to him as "the sad man" and moved seats not to be around him. Nice.


Desperte for human companionship, Robert turned to Twitter to find friends who would help him out of his lonely situation.


Of course, Tinder being Tinder, the inevitable happened...

Trying to get back his initial enthusiasm obert went to see another game, but it just wasn't a cheery affair.

He tried meeting new friends down the park....

He spent some of the extra time on a pampering session back at his hotel.

And with a spirit that most of us would have found broken by now, he continued his dismal site seeing tour for one.

Of course with so much time to burn he found himself spending money like water and needed a bit of help to fund his lonely adventures.

Reaching a new low, it seemed everything was cynically against him.

But it wasn't all bad, he did get an extra lime in his drink at a restaurant -that's right people, an extra lime.

Soon the media caught onto his story and his was on chicago radio retelling his depressing story to everyone who found his situation terrifically amusing.

Finally the rest of the stag team arrived and the real celebrations began.

With his new found fame, Robert and his gang got VIP treatment at a local bar and nightclub with free drinks all night. A happy ending for all involved.

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