Pics: Over 30 people hospitalised after police helicopter crashes into pub in Glasgow 8 years ago

Pics: Over 30 people hospitalised after police helicopter crashes into pub in Glasgow

According to reports, 32 people have been hospitalised after a police helicopter crashed onto the roof of a packed pub in Glasgow last night.

It is believed that many people are still trapped in the Clutha pub in Stockwell Street after the helicopter crashed into the pub shortly after 10pm last night, with Scottish first minister Alex Salmond warning about the need to prepare for the likelihood of fatalities.


Fire services and ambulance crews have been working to try and remove people from the building, many of whom suffered nasty injuries and have been taken to various hospitals across the city.

The building has been described as “very unsafe” and it is not known how many may still be trapped inside, although firefighters have been in contact with some of the people trapped inside and experts trained in dealing with unstable buildings, collapsed structures and seeking and identifying casualties using specialist equipment are all present at the scene.





A full investigation as to how the crash came about is underway, but it is too early to tell at this stage.

Commenting on the incident, Deputy chief constable Rose Fitzpatrick said: “Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by this incident and we are continuing work with our colleagues in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service to recover people from the scene.

“A full investigation is now under way however at this early stage it is too early to provide details on why the helicopter came down.


“There were three people on board the helicopter, two police officers and a civilian pilot, and on a busy Friday night, there were a number of customers in the bar.

“We are working hard to recover people still inside the building and we will make further details available when we have them.”

Our thoughts go out to all those affected.

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