Pics: The floods in Cork appear to be getting worse 6 years ago

Pics: The floods in Cork appear to be getting worse

As is the case in many other parts of the country, it’s not looking good down by the Lee, not looking good at all.

The Rebel County has been one of the counties worst affected by the truly horrible weather we’ve been having in the last few days and it would appear that the situation is not getting any better; if anything, it’s the opposite.

Numerous pictures on Twitter this evening have illustrated the extent of the flooding that has hit Ireland’s second city, the majority of which were taken before high tide, which is expected to be at approximately 9pm this evening.








The Gardai and AA Roadwatch Twitter accounts have been posting constant updates about flooding and road closures in various parts of the country and you can keep in touch with the updates here @GardaTraffic and here @aaroadwatch.

According to Met Eireann, the forecast doesn’t look particularly good for the next few days either, but we can only hope that it starts to improve sooner rather than later.

Stay safe out there people.