Pictures: People being awesome after the tragic train crash in Spain 10 years ago

Pictures: People being awesome after the tragic train crash in Spain

Although Spain has been struck with this awful tragedy, there have been some touching moments as people banded together to lend a hand in any way they could

Whether you were up late last night or woke up this morning to hear the news, you can't help but have been affected by the terrible tragedy which occurred in Galicia last night.


A train, carrying over 200 passengers, derailed at a sharp bend, spilling the carriages off the track. Currently, the death toll is over 70, and with at least a hundred more injured, there have been some harrowing images and stories released today.

However, there have also been images which have been touching for a very different reason, as ordinary people in Galicia, where the incident occurred and around the country have banded together to help. Here are just some of those fantastic moments that reaffirm our faith in humanity when something like this happens.
Here, a policeman and someone who came to lend a hand lead an injured man from the scene of the crash:

Galicia pic 1

As the information trickled out about what was occurring, thousands of people, both in Galicia and in Madrid, turned up at their local hospitals to donate blood and help in any way that they could, forming huge queues outside and waiting through the night to play their part in the rescue efforts.


galicia pic 2

galicia pic 3

Shell shocked but still willing to help, fellow passengers and local residents alike got involved in rescuing as many people from the wreckage as they could.

Galicia pic 4


This final image one that may well become the iconic picture of this crash, as a fireman carries an injured child from the wreckage, proving that you don't need to wear a cape to be a hero.

galicia pic 5

If you're concerned about anyone that you may have known in the area who could have been on the train, then you can get in contact through the following phone numbers:


You can send your messages of support through the hashtag #AnimoGalicia on Twitter, and our thoughts are with the people of Santiago in this difficult time.

Hat-tip to El Pais and La Voz de Galicia for the pictures