Priest calls for "decency tax" on brides wearing plunging necklines 3 years ago

Priest calls for "decency tax" on brides wearing plunging necklines

He made the comments in a letter to parishioners.

Brides who wear plunging necklines should be made to pay more for their wedding ceremonies, an Italian priest has said.


The Telegraph reports that Cristiano Bobbo said he has noticed wedding dress necklines getting lower and lower each year and those who display too much flesh at the altar should have to pay more money.

"We could establish a sort of offering to be levied in proportion to the decency of the dress of the bride, who often present themselves looking coarse and vulgar, so the least dressed pay the most," said the priest, from an area near Venice.

The comments appeared in a letter that went out to parishioners where Bobbo said some of the dresses used in weddings were unsuitable for the occasion.

Bobbo also said that weddings have become glamorous events rather than serious spiritual occasions.


He later clarified the remark as being intended as 'jocular provocation', but then added that it was something he would like to do, ANSA reported.

A recent survey showed that Irish couples are allocating, on average, €25,000 to their overall wedding budget and if it's like this in Italy, we doubt there'll be too many people willing to pay an extra decency charge on top of it.

The average spend on a wedding outside of the hotel, videographers etc breaks down as follows:

  • Ceremony music - €470
  • Wedding band - €1,969
  • DJ - €461
  • Flowers - €695
  • Cake - €410
  • Stationery - €359
  • DIY items and décor - €382
  • Wedding stylist - €1,364
  • Make-up - €334
  • Hair - €291
  • Hen/stag do - €459
  • Honeymoon - €5,127
  • Wedding guest present - €100 per single person, €200 per couple