Study shows the best time of the day to be on Tinder 5 years ago

Study shows the best time of the day to be on Tinder

Are you a Tinderhead?

Many out there pride themselves on their mastery of the fine art of Tinder, right down to what exact time to use the popular dating app.


Whatever these people have been telling you, Nielsen (the company famous for measuring TV ratings) have definitively revealed what time of day that most people are swiping at.

Average Tinder use is steady enough from 11am but rises steadily throughout the working day and clearly peaks at 9pm, before (somewhat surprisingly) dropping sharply, putting paid to the myth that everyone is more likely to use the app when they go out clubbing. Numbers are at their very lowest between 2 and 5 in the morning.

The same is true for popular dating website OkCupid, whose usage also peaks in the middle of the evening before ebbing steadily as the night wears on.

Maybe that's because everybody is finding a partner and doesn't need one by the early morning, but in our own experience of Tinder, we think that is unlikely.