Research shows that beautiful women can easily fool men 8 years ago

Research shows that beautiful women can easily fool men

Suckers for a pretty face.

We wouldn't say that women can get away with murder, but they can get away with a far bit according to this new study which shows that a pretty face can overrides most men's rational thoughts.


Shock and horror!


While beauty is  very much in the eye of the beholder, it seems that attractive women are favoured in the workplace, especially in legal cases and when taking financial advantage of men.

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This information is based on a study conducted on 21 male students at Zhejiang University in China which involved pairing the men with women that they found attractive or unattractive.

The newly matched pair where then asked to play a gambling game that involved them having to split a sum of money and the researchers found when paired with attractive women, men were fair more likely to broker an unfair deal in favour of the woman.

Remind me to take a model with me next time I'm buying a car.

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The study also showed that men were far more likely to take an unfavourable financial deal from an attractive lady and that they were much quicker to respond to a decent financial offer from a good looking female than an average or unattractive woman.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, University of Stirling psychologist Anthony Little, who was not involved in the study said that it was not entirely clear why men behave differently toward attractive people.

"We appear to have a bias toward being nice to attractive people even when the rewards to ourselves, such as increasing the chance of a date, wouldn't apply."

So next time you are with an attractive woman, have your wits about you or you could end up in a tricky situation!


Hat-tip to the Daily Mail.