Restaurants Association "shocked" at reports indoor dining is to be stopped in Dublin 1 month ago

Restaurants Association "shocked" at reports indoor dining is to be stopped in Dublin

"Restaurants are not the problem, households are."

The Restaurants Association of Ireland has said it is "shocked" at reports the National Public Health Emergency Team is to recommend stopping indoor dining in pubs and restaurants in Dublin.

RTÉ reported on Thursday night that senior figures are indicating the government will agree to NPHET's proposal due to the rising number of cases in the capital.

Under the proposal, pubs and restaurants would only be allowed to serve customers in outdoor areas or offer a takeaway service until the restrictions are lifted.

In a tweet, RAI CEO Adrian Cummins said: "Restaurants Association of Ireland is shocked by the decision of NPHET to recommend to cabinet that all indoor dining close in Dublin for the next few weeks.

"Currently, controlled and regulated environments like restaurants are not the problem, households are."

Under Level 3 of the government's plan, it's said that “additional restrictions” can be applied to indoor dining although there is no indication in the plan of what exactly those restrictions would entail.

Travel to and from the county is expected to be restricted to essential workers and for educational purposes.

Dublin, along with the rest of the country, is currently on a Level 2 status, but special measures, including specific guidance on social gatherings and a further delay in the reopening of pubs which do not serve food, will apply until further notice.

It's expected a final decision will be made on the restrictions following a meeting of the Cabinet Covid Sub-Comittee on Friday morning.