Revenue issue warning over a tax scam doing the rounds 1 year ago

Revenue issue warning over a tax scam doing the rounds

Don't get caught out...

Members of the public have been receiving fake phone-calls from someone purporting to be from the Revenue Commission.

The callers state they work for the Revenue Commission and demand the immediate payment of a tax bill stating that a criminal case is being levelled against the person who answers the phone.

In a statement, the Revenue Commission said that if anyone receives such a call they should contact their local Revenue office. If you receive contact demanding payment of a tax bill that you are uncertain about, you should contact the Collector General's Division on 1890 20 30 70.

While they stated that they've yet to receive reports of anyone being caught out by the scam, they urged anyone who provides personal information on one of these calls should contact their bank or credit card company immediately and alert the Gardaí.

Earlier today, Gardaí issued a warning for a new series of GDPR phishing emails doing the rounds.

The Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau has issued advice to users who may have received an email or link, in which you are asked to give personal or financial details:

  • Be careful before responding to unsolicited emails.
  • Make sure you have an agreement with the service sending you the email.
  • Ensure that the email address used to send you the message is genuine and from the provider.
  • Check if the link within the email is genuine by either hovering over it to ensure it leads to where it says it does, or by checking the page it leads to and its contents.
  • If still unsure, contact the service provider or organisation and confirm that they sent the email.
  • Never supply banking or financial information via email.