Revolut co-founder donates €1.1 million to Toy Show appeal 1 year ago

Revolut co-founder donates €1.1 million to Toy Show appeal

The total raised currently stands at €6.5 million.

Revolut co-founder and Chief Technology officer Vlad Yatsenko has donated €1.1 million towards the Late Late Toy Show appeal.


The donation comes as Revolut experienced major outages on Friday night during the broadcast as millions from around the world used the app to contribute to the appeal.

RTÉ and Revolut had partnered together to provide a donation service to Revolut users, but as the app crashed, viewers were encouraged to donate over the phone or via RTÉ's website.


"What an incredible support Revolut customers gave to a worthy charity Late Late Toy Show! Granted, there were some challenges at the peek (sic) of the live campaign. So, I've personally donated €100K, and will also match any further donations this weekend via Revolut up to €1M," Yatsenko wrote."

The total raised by the public over the weekend now stands at a whopping €6.5 million.

The Toy Show Appeal was in support of the Community Foundation, an organisation that helps thousands of families around the country.

The fundraiser is on track to becoming a yearly tradition, with the appeal from last year raising €6.6 million for charities across Ireland.


The amount raised was one of several feel-good stories that emerged from this year's Toy Show, with DJ Callum and hype man Jackson being offered their first gig following their performance on the show.

If you didn't get a chance to donate over the weekend, you can contribute to the Toy Show Appeal via RTÉ's website, or via the Donations tab in the Revolut app.