RTÉ are looking for teenage lads for new TV series 'with a difference' 5 months ago

RTÉ are looking for teenage lads for new TV series 'with a difference'

A summer camp "with a difference" for teenage lads to take part in...

RTÉ are looking for outgoing and chatty 13-15 year old teenage boys to take part in a two week summer camp in August.


Looking for people specifically from the greater Dublin area, the summer camp will be one "with a difference" according to its' organisers.

TV production company Macalla are producing the new series for RTÉ, with the company saying that the camp is a great way to have fun and to try new things.

The camp itself will be based around taking part in different activities, ranging from physical to non-physical, and will offer the opportunity to meet and interact with new people.

RTE summer camp RTE are looking for teenage boys to take part in a new television series.

It will be a mentor-led experience, with some well-known faces popping in over the course of the camp, as well as providing boys with host of different experiences.

A similar series named 'Keep it Up' was made last year, which dealt with teenage girls attitudes towards sport.

That series featured girls aged 12-15 with different hobbies, some had never played a sport and other had to quit sports for a variety of reasons.


Special guests for the series included Republic of Ireland international Stephanie Roche, Cork footballer Valerie Mulcahy and Irish rugby player Sene Naoupu.

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