RTÉ producer pleads guilty to attempted grooming of a child in Leeds 3 years ago

RTÉ producer pleads guilty to attempted grooming of a child in Leeds

Kieran Creaven was caught in an online vigilante sting back in November.

The RTÉ sports producer, Kieran Creavan appears in Leeds Crown Court today (18 December) to face charges of attempted grooming and engaging in sexual activity with a child aged 13.


It is reported that Creaven's lawyer told the high court that his client is pleading guilty to the charges.

The 54-year-old Dublin man was arrested in Leeds on 18 November after he was confronted by a vigilante group, known as Predators Exposed.

The Yorkshire-based group sets up fake online profiles claiming to be underage users and they had been in contact with Creaven since July 2017.

The entire confrontation was streamed via Facebook Live, during which time, the group placed Creaven under citizens' arrest.

During the video, Creaven insisted that he had no children and had reached out to this girl simply to act as a father figure.

Denying any sexual intentions, the group dismissed these statements and claimed to be in possession of a number of explicit images sent by 'Jimmi Cee', which was the username Creaven is alleged to have used.

On 19 November at Leeds Magistrate Court, Creaven was charged with the two offences. The Crown Prosection had objected to bail, but it was granted to him by the Magisterial Court under a series of strict conditions, including that he reside at his Irish address, before travelling back to Leeds to stand trial on 18 December.


RTÉ suspended Creaven from his duty pending the outcome of the case.