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02nd May 2022

Russian State TV shows animation of Ireland being destroyed by a nuclear weapon

Alan Loughnane

Russia nuclear bomb ireland

Just what we needed to see on a Bank Holiday Monday.

Over the weekend, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is committed to working to prevent a nuclear war.

“Western media misrepresent Russian threats,” Lavrov said, speaking in Russian through an interpreter during an Italian TV interview.

“Russia has never interrupted efforts to reach agreements that guarantee that a nuclear war never develops,” he said.

Then on Sunday evening on Russian State TV, host Dimitry Kiselyov spoke about Russia’s nuclear deterrence, which has been put at high combat alert.

During the process of speaking about a potential conflict between NATO and Russia, Kiselyov posed the question that why would a country from the British Isles – in this case, the United Kingdom – speak about retaliatory strikes against Russia when they come from such a small island?

The broadcaster then proceeds to show an animation of a nuclear weapon being launched at the UK, subsequently wiping out the UK and the rest of the blast eradicating Ireland along with it.

“This is so small that just one Sarmat missile is sufficient to sink it once and for all,” Kiselyov said.

And then rather more chillingly added: “Everything’s been calculated already.”

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