Ryanair expects "zero disruptions" from strikes by Spanish cabin crew unions 1 year ago

Ryanair expects "zero disruptions" from strikes by Spanish cabin crew unions

The airline expects that the strikes will have "zero impact" on its Spanish flights in August or September.

Ryanair has said it expects no disruptions to its flights in August or September as a result of strikes by two cabin crew unions in Spain.


Last month, the unions SITCPLA and USO stated that their members will strike from Monday to Thursday weekly from 8 August, 2022 until 7 January, 2023.

Among their demands are better working conditions and higher pay for staff.

However, Ryanair has said it does not forecast the planned strikes impacting its 3,000 daily flights scheduled for August and September.

In a statement on Tuesday (9 August), the airline described SITCPLA and USO as two "minority cabin crew unions", adding that it has already concluded a labour agreement with the CCOO, the main Spanish cabin crew union.


“These two tiny unions who represent only a handful of our Spanish cabin crew have held a number of poorly supported 'strikes' in June and July which have had little or no impact on Ryanair’s flights to or from Spain," a Ryanair spokesperson said.

"In July alone, Ryanair operated over 3,000 daily flights and carried a record 16.8 million passengers – many of them to and from Spain.

"Ryanair expects that these latest threatened strikes, which involve only a handful of our Spanish cabin crew, will have zero impact on our Spanish flights or schedules in August or September."

The spokesperson added that the cancellation of a "tiny number" of Ryanair flights in Spain in July was mostly due to air traffic controller strikes and other flight delays.


"No flights were cancelled in July due to these unsuccessful and poorly supported strikes by these two minority unions (USO and SITCPLA) who represent only a small handful of Ryanair Spanish cabin crew," they also said.

"The vast majority of Ryanair’s Spanish cabin crew are represented by the CCOO union who have already reached a labour agreement with Ryanair which covers most of our Spanish cabin crew.”