Irish based Ryanair pilots vote overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action 9 months ago

Irish based Ryanair pilots vote overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action

More strikes could be on the way.

Irish based Ryanair pilots who are members of the Irish Air Line Pilots' Association (IALPA) have voted overwhelmingly to back industrial action.

IALPA members held a ballot where 94% voted in favour of action.

The union, which is required to give at least one week’s strike notice, said it would write to management early next week to outline their plans for industrial action unless Ryanair agreed to union pay proposals by Monday (12 August).

IALPA, which is a branch of  Fórsa, submitted a pay claim to the company in late March 2019, seeking pay levels and structures which they say are in line with sector norms.

Fórsa assistant general secretary Ian McDonnell said industrial action could be avoided if management at the airline engaged professionally and constructively in talks.

He accused the company of stalling tactics in negotiations.

“Ryanair’s directly-employed Irish-based pilots are simply seeking pay levels that are common and competitive in the commercial airline sector, from a company that made a more-than-healthy profit of €1 billion last year.

“They feel they have been forced into contemplating potentially-disruptive industrial action by a company that seems either unwilling or unable to negotiate in a professional and constructive manner.

"At this stage, only a substantive counter-proposal, which properly addresses all areas of our claim, will be enough to prevent us serving notice of industrial action next week,” he said.

Ryanair said it "is disappointed that the pilots union FORSA is threatening to disrupt customers’ travel plans during August when its ballot has the support of less than 25% of Ryanair’s Irish pilots."

In a statement released on Friday the airline said: "The result of Fórsa’s ballot shows that less than half of Ryanair’s Irish pilots are members of Fórsa, and less than 60% of these Fórsa members participated in the ballot with less than 25% of Ryanair’s Irish Pilots voting for industrial action.

"This disruption of customers holiday plans has no valid mandate from Ryanair’s Irish Pilots."

Ryanair urged Fórsa to continue mediation with Ryanair rather than threaten "ill-judged and ill-timed industrial action" which the airline said was solely done to cause customer uncertainty.

Earlier this week Ryanair's UK based pilots, who are members of the British Airline Pilots' Association (BALPA), announced plans to strike for 48 hours beginning on 22 August and 72 hours from 2 September over pay.