Ryanair is looking to change its image and market itself as 'loveable' 8 years ago

Ryanair is looking to change its image and market itself as 'loveable'

It looks like that loveable bunch of ragamuffins at Ryanair are trying to change their image

Ryanair have announced plans to give their image a bit of a rejig after it was confirmed that they would be looking for a new director, who would also be their chief spokesperson, to help the public fall in love with the airline again.


According to The Independent, the company is hoping to find someone who will take charge of their advertising, promotions and communications strategy which will emphasise their "safety, customer service and low-fare message".

The reason for this change in tactic was hinted at by O'Leary at the company's AGM when he announced that profits are likely to fall below projections for this year, but the airline also received some bad publicity in recent weeks after Dublin-based surgeon Muhammad Taufiq al Sattar was charged €188 to change his flight to Birmingham after the death of his wife and three children in a house fire.

Ryanair refunded the doctor and wrote to him to apologise, but that didn't stop them being voted the worst brand in Britain by consumers in a poll by Which? magazine, all of which adds up to the fact that this may well be a mammoth task for whoever takes it on.

The loveable new image won't be a challenge to O'Leary however, as he stated that the company needed to stop unnecessarily aggravating customers, and added "I've always been a bit soft, just a little misunderstood".

Hat-tip to BBC News and The Independent.