Ryanair passengers are given more time to comply with the airline's new baggage rules 1 year ago

Ryanair passengers are given more time to comply with the airline's new baggage rules

Take note if you're flying with them soon.

Ryanair passengers have until December 1 to comply with the airline’s new baggage rules or face an additional €25 fee.

After the new rules were introduced on 1 November, The Telegraph have reported that a leniency period has been introduced due to the confusion at the gates.

This grace period ends on November 30.

The statement reads: "While our new bag policy came into effect on November 1, we have briefed our gate agents to take a reasonable approach while customers get used to the new rules over the month of November."

With regards to their new baggage policy, here are the most pertinent details.

Passengers will no longer be able to put a second bag in the hold for free.

Passengers who want to bring an even bigger bag will have to pay additional charges ranging from €6 -€10, unless they are a priority boarding customer, which already commands an additional fee.

From 1 November, passengers who want to bring a medium-sized suitcase of up to 10kg with them have two options:

  • They can pay between €6 - €8  to put it in the overhead locker above them.
  • Or they can pay between €8 - €10 to check it in.

Also, the bag that non-priority customers are carrying onboard must fit into the 'sizer' designated by the airline. The small bag allowance will increase by 40% in size and the size parameters are 40 x 20 x 25cm.

If you're a non-priority customer and you want to add a 10kg bag, you can a) purchase priority boarding for €6 and bring two bags (1 wheelie bag and 1 small bag), or b) add a 10kg checked bag to your booking for a fee of €8. This bag is then left at the bag drop desk.